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A Great Start for your Child's Life-long Education!
At the Gingerbread House our classes are designed to provide your child with a fun, safe, and nurturing environment. Our student's use play, adult and peer interactions, imitation and direct instruction for gaining knowledge and making social connections. We offer daily structured lessons and lots of open opportunities for them to apply themselves creatively and intellectually.
Morning Preschool
With a focus on socialization, independence, and play based learning children gain experiences and knowledge to promote their intellectual and social development. We do this using individual, as well as, small and large groups, in a fun, sensory rich, and nurturing environment. It's the perfect place to make friends, learn, and grow!
Preschool Plus
This addition to your child's preschool morning is a great time for new experiences and exciting learning! Children will bring their own lunch to eat at school followed by a short quiet time that will include teacher led group reading. The afternoon will include a variety of activities and lessons that extend our morning curriculum.
If you are looking for a first school experience for your
3 year old, a place for your preschooler to prepare for kindergarten,
or all the fun school experiences in between we encourage you to
stop by with your child and visit our classroom in action!
"I have two children who have both attended Gingerbread House for preschool. My daughter is now in Kindergarten, and was very sufficiently prepared by her learning at Gingerbread House. My son will continue next year GH in their 'Kindergarten Prep' program. We have been very happy with every aspect of the school. The teachers are wonderful and treat the children with love and respect, and the children feel very safe there. I would highly recommend Gingerbread House to anyone interested in an outstanding preschool experience!"
- Carolyn McFarlane