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"Thank you so much for another wonderful year of pre-school for our boys. They have learned so much, growing up at the Gingerbread House. Most importantly, they learned about themselves! Thank you for supporting their strengths and challenging them in their weaknesses."
- Amy & Andrew
For over 30 years, the Gingerbread House Preschool has offered superior preparation for your child's lifelong learning career. Our staff, curriculum, and facilities provide a rich environment where all children may learn at their own pace and in their own unique learning style.
Our cheerful and well-trained staff provide warm, colorful surroundings and cutting-edge technology to children in a safe and friendly neighborhood setting.
Give your Child's Education a Great Start!
Our academically solid program focuses on all areas of your young child’s development.
• Cognitive
• Language
• Physical, and
• Social/Emotional
We provide a stimulating and sensory-filled experience that allows your child to play and learn through active involvement. We offer a wide variety of teaching materials and situations so that your child gains knowledge and develops social skills by learning, exploring, observing, imitating and practice.